Website Requirements

Websites cannot be created without the assistance of the person who will be using the site. To create it, we will need the following:

  1. An email account to confirm the creation of the website. We will need access to this email for the verification process. It works best if you create a new gmail account and give us access (password) for account while we set up the website. After the work is done, the author can change the password on the email account or change the email account on the website. You will need to be available to confirm the change in the website to your new email address or it will lock you out.
  2. Pictures and book store link.
  3. Preferred name of website domain (along with three other choices if that name is not available)
  4. Domain Name Changes – To do this, WordPress requires a fee of $26 (yearly). We will need a credit card number to make this change and access to the email account to confirm change.  Credit Card can be provided over the phone or in an email.