Editing Services

In order to provide the authors the lowest cost possible, we perform a preliminary evaluation of the work first ($20), return it to the writer with comments, and after the comments have been addressed and the clean manuscript returned to us we will start the line edit. Evaluations can be ordered separately without the line edit.

  1. Evaluation: $.0005 (i.e. $50 for a 100k book)
    • Work is evaluated for flow, point of view errors, character development and overall quality.
    • A report is provided highlighting the positives and negatives of the piece, as well as recommendations going forward.
    • A list of required corrections (grammar and spelling)
  2. Line Editing: $.0046 a word (i.e. 100k book is $460)
    • Evaluation (pay for separate) is provided
    • Author corrects errors in evaluation
    • Line edit is performed
  3. Payment method: PayPal – half up front – all PayPal fees paid by client.